Business owners often find themselves thinking about the next step. Acquiring a company, or merging two successful businesses together, might be the right way to increase product line or improve return on investment. Also, a change in direction and personal objectives could necessitate a sale to a family member or outside third party. In any case, our experienced staff of CPAs can advise you through the maze of complex financial and tax decisions to aid in structuring the transaction and accomplish your objectives.

We offer an extensive array of services based on our knowledge to design an investment strategy to be used to acquire potential companies. Together we will analyze potential acquisition candidates and the effect of the proposed transaction on your company's operating results, cash flow and financing needs. Our firm will also facilitate negotations to arrive at pricing and terms designed to assure the best chance of a successful transaction.

Our vast network of connections with bankers and attorneys will ensure that your transaction gets taken to the next level. 

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